ICENSE: The telephone lists are for use only by the Buyer/User or his/her employees or agents and may not be resold, traded, or given to another company, individual or organization.

RETURN POLICY: Free samples of the lists are available for inspection upon request prior to the purchase. Because the telephone lists are downloadable software files, there is no refund once the Buyer/User has received their purchased telephone list(s).

1) The Classic Telephone Lists are basic consumer and business information acquired annually from the various telephone companies and data collection sources in the USA and Canada.
2) The Targeted Demographic Lists are detailed consumer and business information acquired periodically from the various telephone companies and data collection sources in the USA.

When these lists are originally received by Mck Marketing each year, they are primarily Cell Phones  telephone numbers; however, there are some land line  and VoIP phone numbers as well. In addition, from time to time, people “port over” a land line number to become a cell phone number or VoIP phone number or fax number. It is therefore possible that some of these numbers could have become cell phone or VoIP or fax numbers by the time the Buyer/User uses the lists.

LIST ACCURACY:Buyer/User should also be aware that every day telephone numbers are disconnected, moved, or changed; therefore, the telephone lists that are provided will NOT be 100% accurate at the time of purchase.

DUPLICATES: The Classic Telephone Lists have been scrubbed to delete duplicate telephone numbers; however, the Targeted Demographic Lists have NOT been scrubbed to delete duplicate telephone numbers because there are various demographics associated with each of the multiple people using the same telephone number. If you do not want duplicates (such as husband and wife with the same telephone number), you will need to delete those duplicates by using the duplicate scrubber that is provided or by using some other method.

DO NOT CALL: The Classic and Targeted telephone lists have NOT been scrubbed for DNC (Do Not Call) numbers or CELL Phone Numbers. When creating your Targeted Demographic lists, you can select to remove Do Not Call (“DNC”) numbers. it is very important though to note that cell phone numbers have NOT been scrubbed, DNC numbers from states having their own DNC lists have NOT been scrubbed, and the numbers that are marked as scrubbed MAY NOT be current by the time you use your list. Therefore, if you are not permitted to call a country DNC or cell phone number, you are 100% responsible for assuring that the lists you acquire from are lawfully scrubbed against Country  Do Not Call Registry and Cell phone lists. If needed, there are several companies that scrub Do Not Call numbers as well as Cell Phone numbers from your lists.

Buyer/User is 100% Responsible & Liable for Using These Lists Legally

If you (the Buyer/User) intend to use these list(s) for placing telephone calls, by purchasing these lists you assume all liability and responsibility to abide Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and any other applicable laws. Laws change from time to time and laws vary from country to country and from state to state. A violation of any such laws could result in significant penalties and other sanctions. Prior to buying or using this product, the Buyer/User should consult with an attorney to determine the extent of permissible activities. Mck Marketing and its Technicians and Representatives are not attorneys; therefore, any interpretations of laws by Mck Marketing and its Technicians and Representatives regarding the legal use of these telephone lists should not be completely relied upon. In particular, if the Buyer/User intends to use an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) for solicitation purposes, it is the Buyer/User’s responsibility to determine specifically what is legally required and to therefore use the telephone lists in a manner that will comply with any such laws. The Buyer/User is 100% responsible and liable for using these telephone lists legally and will hold Mck Marketing harmless from any inability to make money with these telephone lists and from any fines, penalties, litigation, expenses, loss of revenue, fraudulent use, or claims for any reason. Any disputes will be held in courts of Republic Of Albania located in Tirana, Albania.